Walkin' Wild Skunk Rescue

Thank you for saving a skunk!

Walkin' Wild Wildlife Rescue

DeDee Mims a.k.a. Mama skunk with Connor

     I am a permitted wildlife rehabilitator, licensed in Texas for 15 plus years, with a lifetime experience in animal care.  I have taken care of many species of domestic, farm and wildlife animals since I was a young girl.  I specialize in rehabilitating striped skunks now.  I have been caring for and learning about skunks since 1998.  I take in orphans whose mothers have been killed, most often needlessly, and raise them in a natural setting. 

    Walkin' Wild Wildlife Rescue is my personal rescue name.  I am not a non-profit organization with a team of volunteers. I work alone and without pay. All costs for the care of the animals is covered by my limited personal bank account. Donations of any kind are always greatly appreciated.

  As of 2011 I no longer live on the property of my former barn facilities.  I currently do not have cages set up to enable me to rehab at this time.  These are pictures of my former set up.  


full barnyard front view taken 2009

    My Training and Experience

   Besides taking care of all types of animals growing up, I have taken training throughout my life to further my education on wildlife care. It started when I was in high school.  I became a volunteer Explorer Scout at the Fort Worth Zoo where I spent many weekends and holidays working in different animal areas of the zoo. I spent many hours in the reptile house, the aquarium, the aviary and the mammals sections of the zoo.  I also took any wildlife classes they offered in their educational programs. I did that for four years until I moved away to college where I studied zoology.  In my mid-twenties I began working as a veterinary technician for three years until the birth of my first child.  I never went back to work after that, and let my wildlife rehabilitation permit lapse for about 4 years while I raised my children.  In 1997 I renewed my state permit to continue my work as a volunteer wildlife rehabilitator.  I have taken training courses through different organizations such as National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association (NWRA), as well as other local organizations.  I have been involved with local wildlife organizations such as WildCare Inc. where I was the membership chairman for almost four years. In 2009 I started an online skunk rehab training group to train other rehabbers how to care for skunks.  I strive to educate on skunk behaviors and remove the fear most people have of skunks.  I also speak out against making pets of orphan skunks, for this is never of benefit to the skunk. 


These two cages on the end were the first two we built in 1998 & '99,  prior to closing in the large part of the barn in 2000. 


 This is the inside of my barn, two large cages.The tack room is to the left.


   This coon cage pictured below was erected in 2002. It too has evolved over the years.I have wrapped it in a smaller wire so I can use it for skunks. 

 What was a coon cage is now a skunk cage.  second phase  2005

   In 2009 I added lattice to provide a degree of privacy and minor shade. On the front sunny west wall I added extra shade cover by attaching shade cloth to the back side of two sheets of lattice. 


The most important improvement to this cage in 2009 is the addition of the inner security door to prevent escapes. 

    Rabbit hutch type caging is used for transitioning toddlers to larger cages. Also good for injured, ill, or quarantine cases. These are not large enough to raise skunks in to full term until release. Skunks must be moved to larger caging.  This is part of my tack room.


  2009 I was able to purchase this double rabbit hutch (on right) with a generous donation from a Wichita Falls rescue I did, catching 5 - 5 week old orphans whose mother had been trapped and killed by the neighbor.  Donations are what keep my barn facility maintained and growing.