health problems health problems this 1 wk old orphan is dehydrated, note the wrinkled skin and thin appearance. 72956682 this neonate has multiple ant bites that can be serious if not treated properly & promptly. This many ant bites can make an orphan ill & weak. 72956683 ant bites should be treated with childrens liquid benedryl given orally & topically. 72956686 this a fungal skin infection that causes hair loss skin problems. 72956684 fungus note the hair loss on the face & paws, the orangish scabby skin. This is a common fungal skin infection and is contagious to other skunks, pets & people. 72958382 severe case of fungal infection. It is very difficult to treat & cure. 72958384 fungal skin infection 72958387 fly eggs the white spots all over these orphans are fly eggs that will soon turn into flesh eating maggots. 89824812 Big Mouth this little girl had fly eggs impacted so tightly inside her mouth it was hard to break through it to clean it out. She was nearly choking on them. 89824811 fly eggs they look like tiny bits of rice stuck to the fur. 89824810 fly eggs 89824816 fly eggs they are embedded under the fur on the skin as well. 89824817 pox this skunk has a pox virus. 89824814 pox 89825798 rectal prolapse this is a rectal prolapse. 89824815