How to age the baby skunk you found How to age the baby skunk you found 4 days old apx. from birth to 7 days old are considered neonates. A very fragile age to be orphaned. 53262016 apx 4 days old notice only a slight peach fuzz on back of neck & along back. 53262015 neonate this orphan is very weak & dehydrated 53262014 1 week old litter from 7 - 13 days they are 1 week old infants. They grow a slick coat of fur starting to cover the skin. 53262013 1 week old 53262017 2 weeks old 53262027 2 weeks old 14 - 20 days they are 2 weeks old. Their fur grows to fully cover skin, their snout is beginning to elongate. 53262018 3 weeks old 21 - 27 days they are 3 weeks old. Their fur is long enough to stand off of body. They begin to try walking. Eyes typically open between 21 - 28 days. However, sometimes the eyes will open during the 2 week age under stressed conditions. 53262019 3 weeks old Their ears start to open and come away from the head more. This one's eyes are newly opened. 53262022 3 weeks old If you have a single orphan offer it a similar sized stuffed animal or rolled sock to cuddle with. 53262023 3 weeks old 53262024 Toddlers 4 weeks old From 4 - 6 weeks old they are considered toddlers, learning to see, walk and play. 53262020 4 weeks old Ready to start exploring their den a little bit, and wrestle with their siblings or stuffed toy. 53262021 5 weeks old They become very alert & sensitive to their surroundings, throwing their tail up at minor frights. 53262025 7 - 8 weeks old At this age they will be following mom out of den to forage for bugs. 53262026