Walkin' Wild Skunk Rescue

Thank you for saving a skunk!

Welcome To Skunk Country

 Thank you for saving a skunk!

peek-a-boo. Meggie was here! 

   Where you can find help for wild skunk rescue situations.

   As of the summer of 2011, I am sorry to say that I am unable to assist with on-site rescues in person, or take in rescued orphans due to personal reasons. I have provided many other rescue resources on another page for your needs, as well as rescue advice on this website. 

  I do not deal with pet skunk adoptions of any kind.


Walkin' Wild Wildlife Rescue

  My mission is to help skunks in need of rescue of any kind. Whether it is orphans, an adult with its head stuck in a food container, one who has fallen into an inescapable place, or is injured. I will attempt to assist with any type of rescue needed, by phone or email.  Rescue does not mean releasing from traps. I give instructions on releasing skunks from traps on the "trapping" page.  Nor do I handle evictions. I am not a nuisance control service. 

  I aim to educate the public on skunk behaviors and tolerance by speaking out against ancient myths that get thousands of innocent skunks killed every year.  I encourage the surrender of rescued skunks to a wildlife rehabilitator as soon as possible in the best interest of the skunks and to protect your family from diseases and parasites. With this mission in mind, I discourage the keeping of wild orphan skunks as pets. 

   Anyone wanting a skunk as a pet should explore the domestic breeder raised skunk possibilities through the licensed breeders of the USDA.  However, anyone wishing to own a pet breeder raised skunk must keep in mind there are a variety of local and state codes which can impact on pet skunk ownership nationwide. Failure to follow local and state laws could result in confiscation and euthanasia of your pet.  

 Stinker 4 weeks old 

  Stinker was found at a construction site on a Friday. The rescuer put him in a bucket with a thin rag and waited until Monday to find help for him, without offering any fluids or warmth.  He was near death.  He had a foul body odor when I got him caused by starved illness, so I named him Stinker.  He lived up to his name!   


    Wildlife Rehabilitators Creedo

 "I am a wildlife rehabilitator. I am the step child of the animal medical community. My mission is not for personal gain, but to work as an instrument of compassion and provide haven for those who have no person to claim responsibility. I am proud of the way I spend my time on this Earth, and of the results of my labor, for I do it not for the recognition or the rewards of mankind, but for the nurturing of my own spirit as well as those who find their way into my hands. I will not boast of my skills, but seek pride as the proof of my talent runs again free and whole into the wood. It is at that moment that God smiles upon me and says; "Job well done."

That is why I am here."
Annette King Tucker  
 My special thanks to Annette for allowing me to use her creedo on this website.

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